We all have something we are passionate about but whether we can afford to follow it is another question.  What if your passion does not equate straightaway with money coming, then it is a problem as we need to pay our financial obligations right?

      I always thought that my passion is food, whenever someone would ask me what do I see myself in the future I would say owning a business that has something to do with food.  I just blurted it out to the universe (wishful thinking so to speak) without actually a plan as to how I will get into it. 

“What if your passion does not equate straightaway with money coming…”

      I could attribute my love in creating, cooking dishes to the training early on at my mum’s kitchen whereby I would assist her in chopping the various ingredients that she would need in her recipe.  Well, I personally think that my mum is the best chef in the world (move away the likes of Massimo Bottura or Nick Watt)…so it is in my DNA that I would be a great chef in the making (another wishful thinking 😊), anyway who else will believe in me except MYSELF! (hahaha!)

              Going back to my topic of “when is the best time to follow your passion”, I would certainly speak from my own experience…quitting my high paying job of 10 years and diving into an unknown territory just because I thought that I was meant to be doing it for the rest of my life.  Here are some of the factors that made me chase my dream.

  • I dread coming to work in the morning
  • the voice of my boss asking me to do something for him irritates me
  • felt stuck in the room without other interactions except the boss
  • looking forward to weekends as I will be cooking for my friends
  • I have enough funds to start
  • if things don’t work out, I can go back to my usual job

    With the above in my mind, I started looking at Trade Me business website hoping I could find a suitable venture and voila!  Movenpick Ice cream and a Salad healthy food franchise landed on my plate and my food adventure journey begins . . . . . .

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